Writing Brigit

Writing Brigit

Many years ago I wrote my first Brigit prayer. Poem. Blessing... I have been writing them ever since, but seldom publish them. Some are carefully researched and crafted, some are simple and straight from the heart.

The prayers and blessings of my sisters in the Daughters of the Flame and other Brigit-loving women and men, living and long-dead, fill me with surprise and delight, as well.

I would like to share some of these writings with you.

Following is the one that signs off each of my emails, a reminder to guide my words and intentions with care when I write to anyone. It's as good a place to start as any.

Flame Offering

In the name of the three Brigits

I light the candle of my heart

May I offer it to everyone

gentle and steady

warm and bright

13 November 2016

“Elemental Brighid” by Gail Nyoka

File:Irish Oak, Oak Cottage - geograph.org.uk - 423332.jpg

Elemental Brighid, I have heard your voice
and it is a deep, knowing vibration.
You are the keening on the wind, the sorrow of loss
You are the breath that breathes new light
new thoughts, new knowledge.
You are the beating of the wings of a swan,
the poet’s cloak of feathers.
You are the falling acorns of your sacred oak.

Elemental Brighid, I have felt your touch
and it is deep within the beating of my heart.
You are the green grass and the hollow hills,
the crags, the trilithons and the burial mound.
You are the speckled snake, prophetess of time;
You are the Three Worlds united
in the wide branches, towering trunk and
underground roots of your sacred ash.

Elemental Brighid, I have tasted both
bitterness and intoxication
in the flowing waters that are the gentle brook and
the rushing river.
For you are the five streams of my senses,
the flow of the ocean, the deep, clear pool.
You hold wisdom and healing, the blood of life.
You are the delicate bend of the willow.

Elemental Brighid, I have seen your true nature
and I know who you are.
You wear the multi-hued raiment of a changing flame.
You are the bright, strong desire of fire in the belly;
the burning creation of fire in the head;
the heat of the sun and the inner soul.
You are the words of the poet and the bard.
You are the lightning strike
on the living oak of the Druids.


Image: Irish Oak, Oak Cottage This tree in the garden at Oak Cottage at Lisnarick is over 400 years old and the girth of the trunk is 5.5 metres. There are surrounding beech trees which may have been planted at the time of the plantation. By Kenneth Allen.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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