Writing Brigit

Writing Brigit

Many years ago I wrote my first Brigit prayer. Poem. Blessing... I have been writing them ever since, but seldom publish them. Some are carefully researched and crafted, some are simple and straight from the heart.

The prayers and blessings of my sisters in the Daughters of the Flame and other Brigit-loving women and men, living and long-dead, fill me with surprise and delight, as well.

I would like to share some of these writings with you.

Following is the one that signs off each of my emails, a reminder to guide my words and intentions with care when I write to anyone. It's as good a place to start as any.

Flame Offering

In the name of the three Brigits

I light the candle of my heart

May I offer it to everyone

gentle and steady

warm and bright

16 September 2016

“Invocation” by Ruth Bidgood


We call her now to walk on the riverbank,
Brigid of Ireland, Ffraed of Wales, the Saint, the golden one,
who breaks the ice, dipping first one hand, then two hands,
freeing the river to flow into time of seed,
time of ripening, time of harvest.
We greet her from her churches and her wells,
from the cold sea-coast and the doorsteps of hill farms,
with the immemorial cry,
‘Ffraed is come! Ffraed is welcome!’

We call you, saint of fire,
Protectress of the peat-stack,
meet us where we kneel on the hearth.
Give kind warmth of fire
to us and our kin,
like the outstretched hands of a mother
taking our hands,
like her arms sheltering us.
Be in the midst of the house,
be the mothering fire
in the midst of the house.

from The Threshold of Light: Prayers & Praises from the Celtic Tradition, ed. by A.M. Allchin & Esther de Waal (1986).


  1. This is lovely, thank you for sharing!

    1. Just seeing this reply now! (I guess I don't get alerts.) I'm glad you liked it as much as I did.

  2. This is awesome, Thanks for sharing your uplifting thoughts with us. BLESSED BE. KEEP SPREADING THE LOVE. ✌ ✌ ✌ 💖 💖 💖

    1. Hi, Mary Ellen! I am just finding these comments now. So glad you like the poem! <3